Re: Soyuz TM23

Tony Gouge (
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 07:03:28 -0500

>Last week I heard an editorial by Charles Osgood from CBS News
>that the next Soyuz TM23 mission to Mir might be delayed for 44
>days due "budget problems" at the factory that builds the launch
>rocket ( I find it hard to believe that they are still building
>the launch rocket at this date).
>I just read a ESA Press Release dated 13 Oct (which was linked to
>Ron Balke's Space Calender) that CIS and ESA
>are negotiating extending the stay of the crew of Mir for 44 days
>to allow further research by ESA.  I wonder which story is more
>accurate?  Anyone have any further insight on this topic?

The Open Media Research Institute ( reported this a
couple of days ago, quoting a report by Interfax.  The story claimed that
the launch would be delayed for 44 days due to budget problems that arose
during the construction of the booster.

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