Sv: Re: Sv: Re: Vdbf: Re: Sv: Re: Sv: Re: Sv: Re: Decays, and new LEO objects

Bjorn Gimle (
19 Oct 1995 13:32:41 GMT

Anybody, help me please !

I have received responses from to my mails on
Decays,  ..   and recently the answer to Need software...

They have all been empty, and I have informed 'A00334' about this,
(Sv: is swedish for Re:, and Vdbf: for Fwd:), asking her/him to
try my alternate address, some other method at his end, or sending
to somone else, asking to forward to me.

Each time, an empty reply comes promptly !

Is A00334 some kind of list server ??
Has anybody communicated successfully with A00334 ?
Can anyone help me relay the messages?
Can you suggest a reason/remedy ??

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