Mailer confusion, administrivia

Thu, 19 Oct 1995 17:10:24 +0100 (CET)

Bjoern Gimle wrote :

>Anybody, help me please !
>I have received responses from to my mails on
>Decays,  ..   and recently the answer to Need software...
>They have all been empty, and I have informed 'A00334' about this,
>(Sv: is swedish for Re:, and Vdbf: for Fwd:), asking her/him to
>try my alternate address, some other method at his end, or sending
>to somone else, asking to forward to me.
>Each time, an empty reply comes promptly !
>Is A00334 some kind of list server ??
>Has anybody communicated successfully with A00334 ?
>Can anyone help me relay the messages?
>Can you suggest a reason/remedy ?? is subscribed to seesat-L. Apparently his/her
local set-up is not OK, which caused all authors of seesat-
messages to receive empty replies. I have now solved this
problem by temporarily unsubscribing him. If any of you have
similar problems in the future, please contact me personally and
do not send your remarks to seesat-L, since they are hardly

Also, I think it is advisable to not use 'CC:' when sending 
messages to SeeSat-L. It can have unexpected side-effects. One
person actually succeeded in unsubscribing another subscriber
by using 'CC:' inadvertently ;-)
So, please refrain from using the 'CC:' option when sending messages
to seesat-l or seesat-l-request.

Also, please sign your messages with your name (and e-mail
address) at the bottom of the body of the message, since some mailing 
software does not show the original author (in the 'From:' field of
the message header). For people with that kind of mailing software it 
looks like I ( wrote all the messages,
leading to considerable confusion...

Finally, the only correct address to send your messages to (if you
want them to be forwarded to the 180+ subscribers) is : is the administra-
tive address to which you can send archive requests, unsubscribe,
subscribe, etc... Messages sent to the request-address are not
forwarded to the seesat-subscribers. 

You can unsubscribe at any time by sending a message with as
a Subject-line: unsubscribe

Your SeeSat-L-maintainer, just trying to minimize manual work for himself,

    Bart De Pontieu