Mir debris?

Jeff Hunt (jhunt@eagle1.eaglenet.com)
Tue, 24 Oct 95 14:48:20 EDT

Last week there was a post from someone noting seeing some objects following 
Mir by 1-2 minutes.  I see now OIG has issued 7 new Norad numbers (23689 
through 23695 for Mir related objects.  They presently follow Mir at a range 
of 1000-2500 km.  Has anyone heard what these objects may be and are they 
related to the recent Mir EVA?  I've browsed several satellite related www 
sources on Bart's web page, including a couple that are Mir related, but 
there is no mention of debris or released experiments from Mir.  I read some 
time ago that Mir crews would minimize the release of debris.
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