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Sat, 28 Oct 95 23:23 +0100

>Date: Sat, 28 Oct 95 15:44:21 CDT
>From: (Joe A. Dellinger)
>Subject: Re: Mir debris

>	Does anyone know what these fragments are? The mind reels with the
>possibilities... a lost glove? Camera? Nuts and bolts? Bits of plastic?
>It seems if they are visible from the ground they can't be that small.
>What was the initial delta-V when they left MIR for their independent

This is from sci/space/tech:

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>Mir routinely ejects trashbags through an irlock. Was the object dimmer,
>yet moving in the same orbital direction?
>Based on the most common contents of these trash bags, NORAD used to call
>them "honey buckets". They decay and burn up in a few months (higher drag
>to mass ratio than the Mir). But they sure look pretty while still in

It seems that the new fragments were ejected during the last EVA on Oct 20.
One of the fragments (86-17JM, 23690) has values of ndot and Bstar similar
to Mir's values.

 Rainer Kracht