RE: What's the best TLE file?

Jeff Hunt (
Sun, 29 Oct 95 18:34:10 EST

Tim Linder recently asked this question.  For those who already know this 
info please bear with me.  Maybe others can benefit.

With regards to the Molczan files:
One ftp source for these is Neil Clifford's
These files are compressed in the gzip format.  I seem to recall Neil said if 
you didn't want to receive them compressed you can decompress them on the fly 
by not including the *.Z suffix.  The disadvantage is that it is going to 
take about 3 times as long to receive them uncompressed.

The next site is
(which Neil mirrors).  In that subdirectory you can find a utility program 
called  which contains the gzip.exe program for PC's to 
decompress *.Z files.  Using it saves a lot of transmission time.  This site 
may also allow decompressing on the fly, I don't recall for sure.

For myself, I like Allen Thomson's (sp?) +600K compressed file found at compressed in Z.   If 
you decide to uncompress that on the fly bring a lunch!  However I don't 
recall that Neil mirrors that file.  Don't forget to shift to binary mode.
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