Re: What's the best TLE file?

Dave Cappellucci (
Sun, 29 Oct 95 17:31 MST

>What is the best element sets to use?  I've been using the standard daily
>issue NASA set but I want something bigger that includes the NOSS satellites.
> I've tried downloading the Molczan file but can't get it to unzip.  Is it
>compressed with some other utility?  I got a file called "eleset.els" from
>the Satspy homepage a couple of weeks ago but can't find it again.  Some of
>the elesets it contained were getting old.  Any advice on the best TLE's to
>use would be great appreciated.  Post answers here or E-mail to
>  Thanks to all responders in advance.
>Tim Linder


The file found at 
contains my favorite elsets condensed from a variety of other sources found 
on the 'net.  I try to update this file once a week (usually on Saturday or 
Sunday).  Depending on how busy I am, the updates may be delayed by a few 
days.  I generally contains all of the popular visual satellites plus others 
of general interest.  What it does not contain are satellites with periods 
greater than 120 minutes or eccentricities greater than 0.1.

Hope this helps.

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