unknown flashing high object

Kurt Jonckheere (kjonckheere@unicall.be)
Mon, 30 Oct 95 19:38:14 W. Europe Standard Time+0000


today, I got a phone call from Herman Willaert, Gistel, Belgium.
Some days ago while he was observing the minor planet Merope he saw a flashing high satellite passing through the eyepiece of his telecsope.  The flash period was approx. 10 seconds, and it took about 3 min to pass through 1 degree.
The max magnitude of the flashes was estimated as +4 !

Who can identify this object. I checked the sats of the program.rob file, but Sat from Patrick Wils found no object at the right place.
Who can make a thorough search?

Herman Willaert, Gistel, Belgium
Observing place and time:
Latitude: 51 degrees 9 minutes  north, height 5 m above sea-level
Longitude: 2 degrees 55 minutes east
1995 October 25  21h32 UT  RA: 23h28m  Dec: -17 degr
(estimated times)21h35     RA: 23h36m  Dec: -15 degr 30 min
flashing period: 10s, with double flash   

Kurt Jonckheere (kjonckheere@unicall.be)