Easily visible satellites

Sun, 29 Oct 95 04:33:00 UTC 0000

> With my computer controled telescope I often have to make
> demonstrations and I would like to get a list of satellites
> to put in what I call my SELECTION as being FREQUENTLY and EASILY visible.
> The conditions are:
> - inclination such that they are visible from latitude +45
> - current magnitude less than 7
> - not necessarily flashing !
> I whish to receive a maximum number of satellites
> from 50 to 100.
> NORAD# is sufficient but necessary.
> Thank you beforehands             Alphonse POUPLIER

The closest list to this is the one I made up for CBBS, VISUAL.ZIP.
They are most of the satellites brighter than mag 4.
You can delete the few with low inclinations.
There are presently about 120 satellites in the list.

Will this do?

Freehold, New Jersey