Tue, 31 Oct 95 05:04:00 UTC 0000

> Okean (whatever that means)?

The magazine that all Seesat-Listers should look at, SATELLITE TIMES, had a
relevant article in  the July 95 issue.
Okean are Russian Oceanographic satellites called 'Ocean' by the Russians.
There is often a mis-translation from the Russian Cyrillic alphabet.  It does
look like Okean, but it's not pronounced that way.  The 'k' is pronounced like
we pronounce 'c'.  So if you say Ocean, you will sound like a Russian saying
'Okean'.  The same goes for Kosmos and Cosmos.

Some other translations:

Russian        Common         Better
Original       Translation    Translation

Kocmoc         Kosmos         Cosmos
OkeaN          Okean          Ocean
TopN3oHT       Gorizont       Horizon
Tcyk||oH       Tsyklon        Cyclone

Many other interesting articles in SATELLITE TIMES.  Check it out!


My wife Judy and I saw a nice pass of the Shuttle on Sunday morning.
Using binoculars though, the cloud or tail that others have seen was not

Freehold, New Jersey