Other IRIDIUM flare sources

Alan Rohwer (arohwer@ultranet.com)
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 21:26:29 -0400

Another possible source of flares (or clints) off the Iridium
spacevehicle might be off two other surfaces of the spacevehicle that
are coated with flexible optical solar reflector like the MMAs. Both
surfaces are located on the main bus and on the plus X, the direction of
the velocity vector (ram side?) of the SV. One equipment panel
underneath the MMAs, it has about the same dimension as the MMS (86 x
188 cm) but is pretty well shielded by the MMAs as viewed from the
ground. The other is the Battery Radiator Assembly (called the BRA by
the Lockheed gang who designed it). It is about 78 x 84 cm, is located
on the upper bus between the solar arrays and is somewhat "faceted". It
might catch and reflect light under some illumination angles. Still both
of the surfaces are located on lines which are along the earth radius
	Do either of these surface correlate to the sighting under
	From the guy who made the MMAs shiny.
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