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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 02:39:06 EDT

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    Here are my identifications of the flaring geosats I saw on 
    September 30 UTC.
    1. Shadow-entry obs (seen in the general area of 00:00 RA)
    Most of these got to at least +5 or brighter, I believe.  At 
    least one of the TDRS satellites has been as bright as iota 
    Ceti (+3.5).
    09478, 76-101A, Marisat 2 or 3 (a, b)
    13969, 83-026B, TDRS 1
    19772, 89-006A, Intelsat 505
    19883, 89-021B, TDRS 4
    22314, 93-003B, TDRS 6
    26608, 00-072A, PAS 1R
    26824, 01-024A, Intelsat 901
    and one of these three (c):
     23764, 96002A, PAS 3R or
     24891, 97040A, PAS 6  or
     25585, 98075A, PAS 6B
    a Marisats are solar-cell-covered cylinders, so it seems 
    unlikely, but I didn't get another candidate as good according 
    to Findsat.  
    b Satellite Situation Report calls it Marisat 2; Encyclopedia
    Astronautica calls it Marisat 3.
    c Mike McCants has told me which of these three was brightest,
    and I've seen them in his telescope, but I can't find my note
    on it and can't remember.
    2. 20:30-21:30 RA obs (seen in area 3 hours from shadow entry)
    These have been fainter, +6 to as faint as I can see with my
    10x50 binocs.
    26038, 99-071A, Galaxy 11 
      (probably not 25740, 99-027A, Nimiq 1, only 34 seconds away)
    26624, 00-076A, Anik F1
    26724, 01-012A, XM-2
    26761, 00-018A, XM-1 or 
      24713, 97-002A, GE 2 (only 44 seconds separation)
    Weather hasn't been very favorable here the last two evenings.
    Last year I think it was mostly cloudy for about three weeks 
    after October 5.
    Question:  There are thin clouds in front of the full Moon, 
    but many of the Moon's features are visible one-power.  Who 
    goes observing under such conditions?  (I didn't last night,
    but I thought it was going to be cloudier than it really was.)
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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