From: Marcus Clark (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 05:59:08 EDT

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        My satellite & astronomical observations have been severely limited 
    recently by thick night-time cloud.On Tuesday Oct.2nd the cloud was so dense 
    that the full moon could not be seen,but I still managed to catch a flare 
    from Iridium 47 (20:38 BST)which was so intense that it was visible through 
    the cloud-cover,appearing like a searchlight from the sky.I'd read of 
    effects like these before,but didn't realize quite how unusual they appeared 
    until actually seeing it for myself!
         Incidentally,I read messages on this site about objects being visible 
    "at one power".What does this mean exactly?
                                                Good observing!
                                                     Marcus Clark
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