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From: Varol Okan (varol.okan@movingsatellites.com)
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 15:22:12 EDT

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    I am currently in Toulouse (southern France) and I saw a strange looking object at sun set today. 
    At first I thought it is a BIG re-entry of some kind but it was stable at fairly the same position in the sky for around 30 mins (no clouds).
    I could not really make out what it was but I believe now that it was a balloon of some kind high up in the sky. Unfortunately I have only a small zoom on my camera, so the pictures I took will probably not give any more details.
    Is there any source for this type of trafic like Seesat-L for satellites ? 
    Any thoughts ? 
    Varol Okan :)
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