RE: Simultaneous Iridium antenna and solar panel flare

From: Ray Terlaga (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 14:41:25 EDT

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    Robert Matson asked:
    >I was wondering if you had the rise/fall
    >durations reversed for the MMA flare vs. the solar array
    A graph would be worth a few dozen words here, but let me clarify what I
    was trying to point out in that observation.  
    While the peak-brightness point was indeed sharper for the MMA flare, what
    I was noting was that the tails of the brighness curve seemed much steeper
    for the solar array (steep rise, broad peak, steep fall).  The MMA curve,
    in contrast, was smooth rise to sharp peak then smooth fall. 
    I've been lucky to have a string of these nearly simultaneous MMA & solar
    array flares, sometimes with similar brightness.  And with clear skies.  It
    was seeing them overlap with peaks (of similar brightness) about 15 seconds
    apart that highlighted the difference in the curves.
    By the way, I'm amazed at how accurate (including brightness) the Iridflare
    solar array flare predictions have been.  And how bright they can be:  I
    have a -3.6 solar array flare this evening (almost coincident with a +0.9
    antenna flare 3 seconds earlier).
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