Re: Those iridium flares!

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 14:48:18 EDT

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    Great story!
    > P.S. I wonder if any one has ever coordinated a cell phone 
    > communications
    > relay in which one person then another let the other know when the 
    > flare of
    > one iridium satellite has reached him. For instance, I could tell 
    > from the
    > info collected at two sites input into Heavens-Above that a 
    > particular flare
    > moved about 20 miles in 7 seconds!  One person may say "Thar she 
    > blows!"
    > then a few seconds later the other person many miles away could do 
    > the same.
    > This could also work for the Space Station but at points in 
    > different
    > states. Just a thought.
    That's an interesting idea.  If you could coordinate several observers,
    and get some quality observations, and do this several times, with
    mathematical analysis you probably could get a detailed spectral
    "picture" of such a satellite.
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