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Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 03:14:33 EDT

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    This is reminiscent of the Salyut stations, particularly before the availability 
    of Progress vehicles for waste disposal. The extra objects were sacks of 
    rubbish ejected through an airlock.
    With those events, an appearance of several extra objects was normally 
    followed quickly by a small orbital adjustment to ensure rapid separation.
    On 8 Oct 2001, at 20:54, Tristan Cools wrote:
    I just saw an ISS pass here over Belgium at 17:58UTC.  In front(some 2
    degrees) there was another object moving.
    I didn't expect that.  The unknown object was much fainter than ISS, maybe
    mag +5.  Does this have something to do with the ongoing spacewalk which
    was planned today ?
    See here:
    The two Russian cosmonauts of the Expedition Three crew living on the 
    international space station will step outside today for a spacewalk 
    to perform outfitting of the newly arrived Pirs docking module. The 
    excursion begins at 1400 GMT (10 a.m. EDT).
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