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Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 05:44:55 EDT

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    I agree, with the students I have involved in the project , I am asking them
    to do flash period timings (or perhaps simply counting the number of
    Realistically the project is more about getting students involved in "hands
    on" experience of helping build a satellite, and then observing the results
    of their work.
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    Subject: Starshine 3 observation
    > One flash seen with unaided vision ,in a pass that reached 75 degrees
    > in the ESE sky before dawn. This was timed at 18:31:36.2 October 8, but i
    > make 0.5 seconds for reaction time. This flash was mag 0, and extremely
    > A comment,
    > I cant make positional fixes of what I believe is required accuracy(say
    4-6 arc minutes) under such conditions. I think I would be lucky to get 0.5
    > degrees accuracy because of the lack of reference stars with naked-eye.
    > But the small number of flashes in a pass make it obligatory.
    >  I cant see how school children are going to produce enough observations
    > to calculate air drag.
    > Any comments from other list members
    > Tony Beresford
    > 34.9638S, 138.633E
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