Re: Starshine 3 obs

From: Jim King (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 14:04:06 EDT

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    "Barhorst L.J.C." <> wrote:
    > Jonathan T Wojack wrote:
    > May I ask what the purpose of the electronics package is?  I thought
    > Starshine was to do nothing else than to orbit the Earth and provide
    > flashes.  Perhaps for thruster control?
    > Jonathan,
    > There is also a radiobacon on board; somewhere in the 145 MHz band.
    > HAM radio operators can acquire the signal.
    > Greetings
    > Leo Barhorst
    145.825 MHz.  It's telemetry encoded as AX.25 packet data.  I've heard it
    while listening for PCSat on the same frequency, but I haven't tried to
    decode the Starshine telemetry.  There's software that will use your
    soundcard to decode the data from the audio.  If you have a scanner or a ham
    radio that can tune in that frequency you could possibly setup your PC to
    examine the telemetry.
    Jim King
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