More GEO questions

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Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 09:37:46 EDT

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    A couple more GEO questions:
    I made a spreadsheet out of the formulas provided by you all (thank you) and
    played with the altitudes.
    Obviously for a satellite to be geostationary it's speed decreases as it's
    altitude decreases, which will cause crash and burn at altitudes less than
    22,300 miles (13640km).
    It was Arthur C. Clark who figured out the GEO altitude wasn't it?  How did
    he do it?
    My spreadsheet tells me at an altitude of 60,000 miles (37200km) a satellite
    needs to cruise at 16,745 mph (10382kph) to remain geostationary. What would
    happen to this orbit?  Is it possible to remain geostationary out there?  I
    realize it would be very inefficient, but is it possible?
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