ISS-UK 12th oct

From: George Amos (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 16:00:35 EDT

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    First clear skies here for weeks, excellent pass of the ISS approx 
    18:52 UT, one thing was evident; there was a quite noticeable 
    "spike" visible naked eye to the "left" of the ISS from this location-I 
    thought it was my eyesight, but both my son and daughter noticed 
    it also. Not sure if this was the debris from recent space walk or 
    the large solar panels. Anyone clarify this? it looked like it was part 
    of the ISS. This was all naked eye visibility
    station 2453
    53 deg 23 min 49secs N
    2 deg 4 min 57 secs W
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