Re: Decay over Southern France ??

From: Perry Petrakis (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 17:17:11 EDT

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    Thanks to all those who replied to my request. I assumed it could be a
    reentry first because of the colors. My experience shows that when something
    goes from green to blue, maybe sometimes red and/or white, then it looks
    like different metal alloys burning up. There are of course colored meteors
    but they seem to be quite a rare occurence. But I may be wrong. The second
    reason is that the two groups of witnesses only got a bit of it since the
    light disapeard behind a cloudy ceiling. As for the time frame. I am
    absolutely certain for the Ferry boat commander : 19h21 (17h21 UTC). Has
    anyone been able to check for sure that no debris reentered ?
    Thanks again
    Perry Petrakis
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    At 22:36 12/10/01 , Perry Petrakis wrote:
    >Hello to all,
    >Two groups of people, unaware of each other reported a sighting of a
    >green-bluish light on 7th October at 19h21 (17h21 UTC). One of these groups
    >(two people, one of which is a trained Ferry Boat commander) was in Senas,
    >several kilometers northwest of Aix-en-Provence. He spoke of a greenish
    >light observed for 2 seconds towards the southeast (145).
    >The second group (4 people) was in Fayence, several kilometers to the East
    >of Aix-en-Provence. They described a blue light visible 3 seconds, again
    >towards the southeast.
    Perry, why do you assume the object has to be a re-entry?
    From the duration of both sightings I would have assumed a bright meteor.
    Satellites at re-entry can only be travelling essentially horizontally, and
    at 8Km/second. This is so much slower than the majority of meteors
    that the visible phenomena usually last over 30 seconds.
    A check against the fireball reports on the site of the international
    meteor organization( IMO), might turn up reports from Sardinia or Corsica
    for example
    Tony Beresford
    Adeliaide , So. Australia
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