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Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 18:36:52 EDT

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    From: "Ulrich Beinert" <analemma@gmx.de>
    Subject: Re: Unidentified
    Date: 09 October 2001 12:21
    >Well, from the description (i.e. several nights in a row, same position),
    >it sounds like you are talking about a star or planet. This "tracking
    >south" you're talking about, how fast is it? If it happens over minutes
    >and hours, then it must be a star or planet.
    >Unless the air above your observing spot is very unstable, it's most
    >likely a star, as planets don't flash as much, especially not in many
    >There are, however, two planets in this region at the time you're talking
    >about. The first is Saturn, which is yellow-orangish, situated to the left
    >of Aldebaran, which is an orangish star about the same brightness (a
    >little dimmer) as Saturn. Far to Saturn's lower left is the brighter
    >Jupiter, which should shine yellow-white.
    >Far above Jupiter and a little to the left (even higher than Saturn) is
    >Capella, the brightest star in Auriga. It has a yellowish colour, but as
    >also quite bright, can flash too, an effect known as scintillation (or
    >twinkling). :-) Directly to this star's right is a little pointed triangle
    >made up of three faint stars. This all can be seen in the East at the time
    >you mentioned. To further help you know what is what when you're >looking
    up there, there's a little open star cluster known as the >Pleiades, which
    is just as high as Capella, but directly above Saturn and >Aldebaran. It's a
    tight, compact grouping of 6-8 stars (depending on >how dark your sky and
    how good your visual acuity is) that looks a >little bit like a dipper (but
    it's *not* the Little Dipper!).
    >Tell me if this is anything you've been seeing, or if I'm talking about
    >something completely else. :-)
    >Our location which is
    >Welton, LINCS England (53.3020N 0.4770W)
    From: "Russell Eberst" <eberst@cableinet.co.uk>
    To: "john laws" <registrar@lawsfamilyregister.org.uk>
    Subject: Re:Unidentified
    Date: 09 October 2001 16:59
    Where was this object relative to the Pleiades?
    Russell  Eberst
    55.9486N,   3.1383W
    From: <RockstockXIIII@aol.com>
    Date: 10 October 2001 05:43
    What you are seeing is probably A Star
    Hi Guys
    Many thanks for your help, I observed these stars/ planets tonight but no
    re:tracking speed south hours not minutes
    though the other night my daughter woke at 4am looked out to see it flashing
    in the SSE that it made irregular movements - surely not says I, BUT she is
    John P LAWS
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