TiPS observed

From: Markus Mehring (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 01:31:14 EDT

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    Hi list,
    TiPS is rarely mentioned these days, but the excitement of watching it sure
    isn't gone, I hope.
    Observed it less than an hour ago on a near zenith pass and with a pretty
    nice phase angle. It reached around mag +6, and though the brightening
    morning sky and the moonlight didn't exactly help much, the tether was
    still, well, "noticable" with 8x56 binocs. Neither Ralph nor Norton
    produced any sort of glint.
    I had to use this slightly dated elset:
    1 23937U 96029F   01255.98826573 0.00002600  00000-0  27418-2 0    06
    2 23937  63.4214 138.1630 0176000 359.3920   0.6080 13.67973956    03
    ...but even though I had no watch handy and hence couldn't time it (it
    _was_ a long night...), aside from a nearby chuchbell ringing a minute
    before the pass, it definitely wasn't off by more than around 10 seconds or
    so at best; at least that was my impression. That's the usual stable
    TiPS-orbit, I guess.
    This just as a reminder to other Europeans who might have upcoming passes
    within the next few days.
    CU!	Markus (E8.7434, N51.7264, 113m, MEST)
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