Identification Requested

From: Jim Stamm (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 08:15:55 EDT

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    I was walking near Tucson (Long.=-109.9   Lat.=32.4) on October 21 at 
    about 11:20 UTC watching for Orionids when I noticed a ³stationary² 
    flashing satellite at approximately R.A.=3h 38m  Dec.=-12d.  Without a 
    watch, my best guess is that the close to first magnitude flashes were 
    spaced about 6.5 seconds apart. I saw maybe a dozen flashes before they 
    quickly dimmed to invisibility.  Can anyone identify this object for me?  
    Iım also wondering if I detected a very slight eastward movement in the 
    two minutes of observation.
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