PPAS periods ?

From: Bjorn Gimle (b.gimle@chello.se)
Date: Mon Oct 22 2001 - 13:55:00 EDT

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    I cannot understand why half-periods should be reported
    1. for a single pass, where also the full period is reported
    2. when during part of the pass only the full period can be seen
    3. when every other flash is fainter than the full-period flashes
    4. when there is a phase-shift, like for Superbird A and others
    I can understand it becomes the default for cylindrical bodies rotating
    around its axis of greatest inertia, where the same outer surface gives two
    equally bright reflections but facing opposite ways.
    Are there a written guidelines for this practice?
    How should three-sided or box-shaped or satellites, or tumbling Iridiums, or
    ... be handled, that may have three, four,... unsymmetrical reflections per
    rotation be handled ?
    ----- Original Message -----
    > As before, the first obs is from the "Phantom Surface",
    > the second from the solar panel (only the segment
    > where half period flashes were observed).  The phase shift appeared to
    > occur at 03:27 UTC.
    > 89-041 A 01-10-21 03:08:25.78JDG1296.5 0.4  57 22.75  +2.0->inv
    > 89-041 A 01-10-21 03:30:59.40JDG 443.8 0.4  39 11.38  -1.0->inv
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