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Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 16:43:44 EST

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    Hey there,
    I might be off since I don't know which input USSPACECOM delivers but in case it is in TLE - Format AND you want to also be able to put it onto your HomePage, Try : -> OnTrack
    This is the tracking code converted to JavaScript. And it is all Freeware. All you need is a recent browser with JavaScript enabled.
    Regards ...
    Varol Okan :)
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    From: Tristan Cools <>
    Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 10:34:45 +0100
    >I've got this question from someone:
    >Is there a site somewhere where you can view the satellites position
    >projected against an Earth chart(not globe) ?  The input for the satellite
    >should be made by USSPACECOM, Cospar code or name.
    >I know many programs(Like Satspy) do have this function but, other than ISS
    >and Shuttle I cannot find any site which does this 'real time'.
    >Tristan Cools
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