AstroFinder software for Meade Autostar

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Sat Oct 04 2003 - 13:38:40 EDT

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    Does anybody have the AstroFinder software #505, for the Meade #497 Autostar,
    and had any trouble with it?
    The weather has finally become good for using my Meade UHTC SN-10, so I tried
    hooking it up to one of my IBM laptops, with AstroFinder loaded... it couldn't
    "Fortunately" I have 2 IBM laptops, so I connected the other up... with the same
    results. Now when I connect the laptops to my Microsoft Cordless Phone- which I
    normally have running all day- it "can't communicate with the base station..."
    Good ol' Autostar fried the serial ports of both my laptops!!!
    As a BSEE, that's the first time- as far as I can remember- that I've had logic
    inputs & outputs fried, simply by connecting to another (supposedly)
    signal-level device... way to go, Meade!
    I've ordered a couple USB to serial port expanders, so hopefully this hasn't
    effectively trashed my laptops... though no doubt Clueless Phone will insist
    upon using Serial Port #1...
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