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From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Oct 06 2003 - 06:00:39 EDT

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    Inspired by  Kevin's email I discovered that there were possible
    opportunities to observe Icesat at this location.
    Possible success on the first attempt!- I saw (unassisted) one single flash
    to around mag -1 just south of West at an estimated 25 to 30 degrees
    altitude at 08:58 UTC today October 6 (not accurate to the second.)
    This has a reasonable correspondence to the predicted pass of Icesat which
    according to Heavens Above entered shadow at 08:57:20 UTC in the West at 58
    degrees altitude - an ascending pass from the South.   Although there is an
    aircraft route in this direction there was no sign of  regular frequent
    flashes which would suggest an aircraft.
    As we have regular similar favorable passes I will be checking for a
    recurrence of this observation which would help to confirm whether the flare
    was from Icesat.  I would be interested in more expert opinions on this
    As an aside  Iridium flares make a great party item at a camp bonfire-
    especially when the flare is close to Mars!  (Iridium 52 observed to mag -3
    at 40.9000S, 175.0830E at 07:52 UTC on 4 October by a group of around 20-
    with myself and one other being the only observers who had previously seen
    flares (or any other manmade satellites) - observation was in a mostly clear
    sky after a serious storm the previous night.   The location is almost
    completely free of interference from manmade lighting and may become  a
    regular observing site now! .  I deliberately kept quiet about the flare
    until 5 minutes before for maximum effect! Unfortunately observation of an
    earlier daytime flare was out of the question owing to the aforementioned
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
    41.2610S, 174.9470E
    UTC plus 13 (New Zealand Daylight Time) from 5 October inclusive.
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