JSLC again

From: Sven Grahn (svengrahn@telia.com)
Date: Sun Oct 12 2003 - 04:19:25 EDT

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    At 12:49 2003-10-11 -0500, Allen Thomson wrote:
    >http://www.spaceimaging.com/gallery/default.htm says,
    >"Coordinates taken from the map-accurate image shows the launch pad to be
    >located at latitude 40.9581, longitude 100.2912."
    I have looked closely at the Ikonos image and it is interesting to see how 
    little has changed at JSLC. In addition to the new launch pad there are 
    quite a few new buildings next to the eastern roundabout. Other than that 
    it looks very much like 11 years ago. Of course old buildings may have been 
    refurbished and the infrastructure like water and heating (which had 
    "interesting" characteristics) may have been much improved without being 
    noticeable from space.
    Best wishes
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