Shenzhou 5 from California

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 22:33:15 EDT

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    Hi All,
    Long time since I've posted, but I still lurk.  Based on Ted's
    post-circularization orbit:
    Shenzhou 5       7.8  2.5  0.0  5.4 d
    1 70001U          03288.67700930  .00036000  00000-0  19749-3 0    17
    2 70001  42.4080  26.2791 0004797 163.8920 321.6647 15.78791273   101
    the spacecraft will make a pass low in the north tomorrow morning
    for the Los Angeles area beginning just before 6:00 am PDT.  Look
    for Shenzhou 5 to come out of the earth's shadow directly beneath
    Cassiopeia about 17 degrees above the northwest horizon around
    5:59:30 am.  It will be moving left to right, and will pass about
    halfway between Polaris and the horizon at 6:00:30 am.
    The pass will be much better for those in the San Francisco Bay
    area, with Shenzhou 5 making its appearance near epsilon-Cas (the
    highest star in Cassiopeia) at ~5:59:20, high in the northwest.
    30 seconds later it will pass about 8 degrees above Polaris,
    heading for the center of the Big Dipper, just below the bowl.
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