Shenzhou 5

From: Robert Morgan (
Date: Wed Oct 15 2003 - 10:30:58 EDT

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         At 05:54(12:54 UT) I sighted Shenzhou 5 rocket as
    it passed over my location. There were 4 flares noted.
    Each flare was a magnitude -4, and all flares were
    evenly timed, however I was unable to properly time
    them. Shenzhou 5 rocket passed through the 'bowl' of
    the big dipper, exiting near Phekda.
         Shenzhou 5 was sighted approximately 4 minutes
    later, moving fairly fast on the same track as
    Shenzhou 5 rocket. Shenzhou 5 appeared to be more of
    an orangish color. The capsule entered the 'bowl' of
    the big dipper near Dubhe, and exited the 'bowl' very
    near Phekda. I was able to time the pass from initial
    sighting to the point where I could no longer see it
    at 2 minutes 11.38 seconds.
         Also sighted during this period of observation
    was a pass of Cosmos 389. The pass was from north to
    south at an altitude of approximately 45 degrees. This
    pass was timed at 4+seconds before the satellite pass
    behind my house.
         My location is:  Carson City, Nevada  USA
                          39.11 deg N  119.45 deg W
                          elev: 1400m (4700ft)
    Clear skies to all,
    R. Morgan  Amateur astronomer.  
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