Re: Shenzhou 1 made a small manoeuvre

From: NK (
Date: Sat Oct 18 2003 - 02:16:45 EDT

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    > I do not claim to have read all of the available research on the flight of
    > Shenzhou 1, but all of the reports I have seen state that Shenzhou 1 did not
    > manoeuvre. I am now convinced that it did make a small perigee-raising manoeuvre
    > very near the time of its 5th passage through apogee, about 6 h 54 m after
    > launch.
    With much less comprehensive analysis back in 1999, I thought the maneuver
    took place on Nov. 20 at 0456 UTC, i.e. 6 h 26 m elapsed time. 
    Igor Lissov
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