Re: 26958 PROBA visible with binoculars?

From: Bruce MacDonald (
Date: Sat Oct 18 2003 - 04:27:19 EDT

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    Thanks Ted - unfortunately I'll have to wait until next April before there
    is a suitable pass at my location, so I'll practise on some other sats in
    the meantime.
    Bruce MacDonald
    Devizes, UK 51.3440 N 1.9849 W
    > I know of no observation reports, but based upon its dimensions, its
    > magnitude would be about 9 (1000 km range, 90 deg phase angle). Under
    > circumstances, I estimate that it could reach 7th magnitude - probably
    > in 50 mm binoculars, but perhaps within reach of 80 mm aperture.
    > The only way to know is to try, and it make take several attempts. Please
    let us
    > know what you see.
    > Ted Molczan
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