Re: 26958 PROBA visible with binoculars?

From: Bruce MacDonald (
Date: Sun Oct 19 2003 - 06:56:56 EDT

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    Tristan -
    When I get a chance next year I will try to observe it.  If I could observe
    an object 500km away which is the size of a washing machine I would be very
    pleased with myself!
    There's a nice photo of Bruges in the snow on the esa website taken by this
     Interesting to know that someone is trying to observe this satellite.
    > I have tried but never seen it.  This satellite is the first Belgian
    > made(ESA) satellite and can be compared in size with a washing machine.
    > is still operational and making wonderfull images of selected areas of our
    > planet.
    > This satelliet is(of course) part of the BWGS(Belgian Working Group
    > Satellite) observing programme.
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