Re: I saw............. what ? (now I know )

From: George Roberts (
Date: Mon Oct 27 2003 - 09:08:13 EST

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    John, please report your observation in this form for fireballs:
    Just like the satellite observing community, there is a meteor observing
    community.  One of their websites is:
    and if you click on "fireball observations" there is a short animation of one that looks
    like your animation (moving dash instead of moving dot).  For your observed meteor
    to be moving so slowly it must have been coming mostly towards you.  Because you
    are such an experienced observer, your report will be more accurate and useful than
    the average person's.
    - George Roberts
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    > Following discussion with Tom (Wagner ) about the sighting I am now
    > confident I saw a "VERY" bright meteor .
    > Tom recalls seeing a couple of very bright Leonids in the past and his
    > description matches my event exactly .
    > We think that the lingering tail effect was possibly caused by the plasma
    > trail .
    > It's something I wont forget for quite a while.
    > Marco mentioned it could have been a Taurid , and I reckon he was
    > right.....and a big beastie at that .
    > Mystery solved.....thank goodness  :O) ............. and if nothing else ,
    > this will teach me to make sure I always have a pen and pad outside when
    > observing  so that I can make some notes.
    > With the advent of the laptop , I discarded the pen and paper approach , of
    > course in the darkness   I couldnt see the laptopop keyboard clearly enough
    > to go into wordpad to type in details of the observation.......  a lesson
    > learned  !
    > Regards,
    > John.
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