ET Flares ?

From: Patrick JL (
Date: Sat Sep 01 2001 - 14:22:55 EDT

Hi everybody !

Wait for a nice summer evening, stay in the garden and have after dinner
drinks with your pals.
Then, tell your pals you made yesterday an E.T. encounter as you were in
your backyard watching Mars through your scope.
Of course, they dont believe you, assuming you are crazy. Add you made a
rendezvous with your new outerspace friend. And actually, the rendezvous is
coming soon : E.T. will light on his powerfull landing beam from his
spacecraft, just for you, before returning back to his own solar system.
Buddies are laughing at you and gently ask what are you drinking or smoking.
Keep serious and give them exact time, azimuth and elevation of this evening
mag 6 Iridium flare.
When flare duly comes, enjoy faces of your friends looking at you, when
waving to your E.T. friend on departure !

Thanks again to Heavens-above people !

Patrick Lumiot, Paris, France

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