The delusional one's 10th off-topic post (I mean him, not me!)

From: Michael McCants (
Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 14:59:57 EDT

>From your very first post:

>Of course for most casual observers of satellites, using binoculars and a
>stopwatch, a positional discrepancy in an observational location of a hundred
>metres or so is of no practical consequence whatsoever.  It is only when high
>accuracy astrometry is used, such as is obtainable by CCD cameras on good
>telecopes, that the datum becomes a significant factor.

So in your very first post, before there was even one response saying
"it's irrelevant", you admitted "it's irrelevant".  And yet you persist
in your campaign to get us to do something that's irrelevant.

>RA/Dec can, in the absence of contrary information, reasonably be presumed...

In the absence of epoch information, a position observation will be
discarded as being ab-sense.  You are trying to cover up your blunder.

>The efforts of those who strive for single arc-second precision...

are delusional and/or ridiculous.  Name a satellite observer that you want
to put into this category.

>It seems a pity to make a mockery...

It seems a pity to make a mockery of the posting guidelines for this
mailing list.

>I, for one, am glad that the IAU and Cospar standards are not being eroded by
>those who would try to dumb down accuracy and precision and drag us all down to
>the level of the lowest common denominator.

Hilarious.  This from one who has never tried to make or analyze a positional
observation.  The word "us" is not applicable.  You are not one of "us".

>I applaud those who take the time and trouble to make sense of otherwise
>insensible terrestrial co-ordinates by the simple expedient of openly declaring
>the basis of stated Lat/Longs.

Hilarious.  There are no programs that could use that "information" and
there is no need to add such capability to those programs.

I think you should go back to Compuserve and stir up the Second Amendment
argument or get to work on your delusional Newland Constitution.

Web site:

April 30 was not a Tuesday and a lot of your links don't work any more.

Should I hold out any hope that you can be embarrassed enough to go
away and not bother us any more?  Nahh.  You appear to be quite
immune to anything I can toss your way.  You failed to respond to
my previous post.  Perhaps you dare not read my posts.  Perhaps
you cannot respond intelligently.  You've certainly proven that
nine times in a row.

No name, no quote, no cheers, only sorrow.

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