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great, I'll take a look at those progs you mentioned. Also I put up a comparison chart for different satellite tracking programs, to see how much they differ. Once I finished the page, I'll post a note. 

This is just to see how accurate my program is. I found that it is not even close :(:(:( But I'll have to dwell into that a little further. (Might be wrong testing)

If you guys have time to look  at 
and let me know what I could do to get better comparison results that would help a lot.

BTW Iridium Flares. Is there an algol out to get implemented into my prog ?

Thx in advance.

Varol Okan :)
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>Varol Okan wrote:
>> Okay, by now I figured I am in the wrong group.
>No, it is fine to discuss satellite related software here.
>> 1) What Software are you guys using maybe a short why would be nice.
>For regular predictions, QUICKSAT is the best, most versatile program. I have
>not seen another program that gives all the observing information that QUICKSAT
>does. Mike has been very cooperative in adding enhancements when requested.
>For higher satellites, the companion HIGHFLY is what I use.
>For a visual representation of a sat pass across the sky, SKY MAP is great. It
>is also helpful to see what was in a certain area at a certain time.
>To predict Iridium flares, there is IRIDFLAR.
>I use many other programs for other purposes. What else are you interested in?
>> 2) Where can I find a msg-bord that deals with the software side of satellite chasing. I.e. with bugs, new developements etc.
>Our newsgroup sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe
>would be a perfect place for that.
>Jay Respler
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