McManus Obs 5 September 2001

From: Jim McManus (
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 11:27:39 EDT

Hi All

Below is an observation of an object that I can't identify. It moved at slow
speed tracking right over Delta and then Alpha Horologium. It was invisible
except for flashes to +7 every 5 seconds. I was trying to observe USA 136 at
the time but mucked up and got outside a few minutes too late.
Interestingly, USA 136's plane seems to be quite close in position and
direction to the observation. USA 136 was observed a few days ago and would
have gone by about 10 minutes before this.

99999 99 999A   9127 E 20010905141043000 27 35 0416297-425518 56 F+070 10



COSPAR site # 9127 Lat 27.591S Long 153.050E Alt 19 m

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