Re: another strange object

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 11:48:42 EDT

At 00:06 6/09/01 , Chris Peat wrote:
>Hi All,
>Another possible satellite re-entry?


>Chris, forgot to include my location in 
>previous e-mail.   It is 39.341 N -77.2075 W

>Chris,  I just saw an object that I could not
>identify and was wondering if some rocket body
>Here's what I saw:  Coming out of the west at 10:08:00 ut
>around 15 degrees elevation, an object moving towards 
>the south-east.  It was moving 4 or 5 times faster 
>than the ISS or a satellite. Was orange in color and 
>of detectable size. It sometimes appeared to be slightly 
>elongated along its path.  It reached around mag -3 as it
>approached my central meridian which it crossed at 
>10:08:22 ut at around 30 degrees elevation. I then lost 
>it in the trees around 10:08:40 ut at around 15 degrees 
>elevation at a direction of SSE.  
>It didn't look like a meteor or earth grazing chunk of
>rock and wasn't an airplane.  Any ideas?
Chris , George, just a note to say that this cant be the SL3 rocket
75 076B mentioned by Harro Zimmer as expected to decay Sep 6.
There was a visible pass from George varros's site but it was 
predicted to be at 10:56UT, and it was going s-n, rather than N-s
Tony Beresford

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