Re: tles

From: Brad (
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 11:54:40 EDT

Ulhas Deshpande wrote:
> Hello folks
> I have playing around with Sebastian 's program 'Orb' to check satellite
> visibilities. I downloaded the tle file for 'visual' from NORAD site which
> works fine.However I find that the tle file does not contain some satellites
> which H-A says should be visible from my location e.g. GPS-2-13 Rocket  and
> DELTA 224 as well as COMOS  2360.
> Any reason?

Visual.txt is a relatively short list of visible sats.  You can get the
tles for the sats you named, and many others, from mccants.tle at

Los Alamitos, CA

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