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Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 03:33:15 EDT

Brad wrote:
> Ulhas Deshpande wrote:
> >
> > Hello folks
> > I have playing around with Sebastian 's program 'Orb' to check satellite
> > visibilities. I downloaded the tle file for 'visual' from NORAD site which
> > works fine.However I find that the tle file does not contain some satellites
> > which H-A says should be visible from my location e.g. GPS-2-13 Rocket  and
> > DELTA 224 as well as COMOS  2360.
> > Any reason?
> Visual.txt is a relatively short list of visible sats.  You can get the
> tles for the sats you named, and many others, from mccants.tle at

My criteria for including sats in VISUAL is that it usually reaches 
mag 4 or brighter.  Other sites can have other reasons for including
something.  That's why we may not have the same objects.
What is that NORAD site?

VISUAL started as the 100 brightest sats, but I expanded it to 
include all naked eye sats so it's a bit larger now. 
mccants.tle includes many fainter sats of some particular interest.
Therefore it is a larger list.

If anyone has suggestions for changes to VISUAL, you may contact
me off-list.
Jay Respler
   Satellite Tracker * Early Typewriter Collector
           Freehold, New Jersey

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