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From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 05:04:20 EDT

> My criteria for including sats in VISUAL is that it usually reaches
> mag 4 or brighter.  Other sites can have other reasons for including
> something.  That's why we may not have the same objects.

There are also many objects that do not 'usually reach mag 4', but do it for
short periods while the perigee is near your latitude. Many of them are easy
from India, or South Africa, or southern US...  Many Ariane rockets are easy
near the equator. Some have their perigee almost constantly near lat.60S.
Hubble (HST) is easy at low latitudes, but NEVER at mine.

I sympathize with the reasons for providing 'special interest tle files' for
iridiums, geosynchs, highdrag (decaying), classfd ....

But there are many good predictions programs that (attempt to) predict
magnitudes, and allow you to set a limit for what is displayed. Rob's
SkyMap, and Mike's QuickSat are the two I use. My only reason for not using
a large file like or disappeared five years ago when
I stopped using a 25 MHz 286 without math co-processor.

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