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From: Lasa, Sigurd (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 01:53:50 EDT

Hi everyone,

I have just subscribed to the list. As suggested by the welcome message,
here's a short intro about me:

I'm Sigurd Lasa, an electronics engineer from Cebu, Philippines
(1019'28"N 12358'41"E). I have been visually observing satellites for
some time now with some help from My most
memorable sightings are the ISS with Endeavour close behind and of
course MIR last March. I also try to catch Iridium flares when I can.
My main interest now is the upcoming Starshine 3 satellite due to fly on
Sept. 17. I'm coordinating the mirror polishing and observing activities
for my kids' school.

dark skies,

Sigurd 9/11

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