Re: OT: Terror Attack

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 17:25:21 EDT

> Not only Germans, but people in Czech Republic express the sympathy 
> to
> all aour friends in USA. The Editorial Board of Czech science 
> journal
> "Vesmir" (=Cosmos) convened this evening (Sep. 11), but instead of
> working on a new issue of our journal we followed frustrating views 
> in
> Czech TV.

Since this is on SeeSat-L, I will provide some quick information:

4 airplanes were hijacked this day.  1 was crashed in SW Pennsylvania
(~80 deaths), 2 into the World Trade Center (both towers and surrounding
buildings have been demolished; >10,000 deaths; ~25,000 wounded), and 1
into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. (additionallly, a 5th plane
narrowly missed the U.S. Capitol building; dozens killed, ~55 wounded). 
This is plainly an international crisis.  Fortunately, none of our
leadership was wounded or killed.

I believe that war will be declared very soon. 

This is my first and last post on the topic.  I am only writing this
because of the two previous posts.

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