HST, Sept. 11, 2001

From: Jim Nix (nixj@bellsouth.net)
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 23:35:54 EDT

September 12, 2001

    Observed HST this eve passing from west to east at above 30d elev. in the south at predicted mag 2.5;
01:32 to 01:35 UT;  Recent cold front has dried the humid summer air and the stars are crisp and bright.  As
Hubble neared Mars and passed a couple of degrees above it flared as if attempting to outshine the red planet
and came very close to doing so.  It keeps alive my hope that man will conquer space and even himself someday.

Clear and Dark Skies-------------------------------------------------------
Jim Nix         |  Raleigh Springs #8936  35.2131N 89.9354W, 90m,-5.0 GMT
                     |  Lim Mag 7.5,  Clear

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