RE: OT: Terror Attack

From: Atul Sowani (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 00:34:06 EDT

>From India, our heart-felt sympathies to our American friends.
Rest assured of our strong support - we are with you.

Dear List:
I know this is OT. It's my first and last message on this subject.
Please excuse me.

On Tue, 11 Sep 2001 18:25 -0400, Penny Fischer-Otte wrote:

> We live in a suburb of NYC ~50 miles south, many people we know work there or live there;
> and we know some people who escaped today from the buildings as well as eye witnesses to
> the plane crashes.
> It is very eerie with no air traffic AT ALL, something I have never seen in my whole life.
> Being only about 15 miles from the coast, we  are still on high alert!  My husband works a
> stone's throw away from the twin towers but luckily he was off work today.
> If you were here you would realize that seeing conditions are excellent today, a perfect
> day for flying into buildings with unlimited ceiling and no clouds :(
> I pray that the rest of the world stands behind us, as we would them.
> Penny Otte and family
> Central NJ

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