Decay Forecast Cosmos 975

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 15:36:00 EDT

Report time: 19:20 UTC

1978-004A (#10561) Cosmos 975
SPACECOM'S 1 DAYS BERFORE DECAY message - prepared
Sept 18,18:25 UTC shows the decay on
    18 Sept, 17:12 UTC +/- 14 hours (8.3N, 152.1E)
on a southbound pass over the Pacific.

MPM+REENTRY delivers with the ELSETs 01261.219... -
01261.709... the decay on
    18 Sept, 17:11 UTC +/-45minutes(13.71N,151.56E)
on the same pass also over the Pacific. There are no
passes on North America plus/minus on rev around the
decay time.
This TSELINA-D satellite is a big piece. Some sources  give a mass of 4000 kg.I have a little doubt about 
this estimate. I suppose the mass is somewhat lower.

Berlin, Germany 

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