RE: Posting observations and elements of spysats

From: Atul Sowani (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 00:40:34 EDT

Looks like we are in for another hot debate! ;-)

Well, nobody has stopped developing new lethal weapons aimed at
mass-extinsion, just by considering what will happen if bad
guys ever happened to acquire them. TLE are quite trivial compared
to such things. Also, there are so many things going on in the
world - does owners of spy satellites always know everything about
such activities? Did they know beforehand about India's planned
atomic bomb tests? The answer is No!

I do not consider publishing TLE's will do any harm or have played
any "tragic role". If we want to stop the abuse, we might well
consider giving up telephones, computers, electricity, airplanes,
postal mail parcels ...

The world has changed, yes, but there will be so many ways to counter
the bad guys and technology advances just because of this ongoing
conflict between bad guys and good guys.

So, all-in-all, I do not consider it a good idea to seize posting
US sat TLE to the list. US in no special, just another country in
this world.

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001 17:39 -0700, Dale Ireland wrote:

> Ted Molczan wrote
> > unfortunately, there can be no assurance of who is right. It is
> > my hope that
> > those on either side can agree to disagree, and leave it to the
> > conscience of
> > the individual.
> >
> > Ted Molczan
> You admit that you are not sure if your network of observers helps the likes
> of Bin Laden, you also make many suppositions about the use of the
> surveillance satellites that you have absolutely no idea about since you are
> certainly not privy to any of the facts. As Bin laden is more isolated he
> will rely more on your elements, he doesn't seem to have many allies and he
> certainly doesn't have a group of guys with watches making satellite
> observations.. Your elements may already have played a tragic role. Your
> idea of conscience may endanger us all, that is one screwed up hobby.
> It boils down to getting self satisfaction from being a rebel and poking a
> finger in the eye of the Pentagon. Seems to me they have had enough abuse
> lately. The world has changed, some people just don't get it.
> Dale Ireland
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